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An overview of the Exchange and its features, including earning CRO at 10% APR and how to borrow fiat using Crypto as collateral

What is the Exchange?

Exchanges are where you exchange currencies — e.g. from fiat to cryptocurrency (e.g. US Dollar to Bitcoin) or from one cryptocurrency to another (e.g. Bitcoin to Ethereum).

The Exchange is part of a family of products and services offered by Their mission statement is ‘to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency’ — the Exchange is a key component to enable this, it fits within the ‘Trading’ tower of their 3 verticals: was founded in 2016. Their Exchange went into public beta in November 2019 and had significant infrastructure upgrades in June 2020. It is now a mature, stable, easy to use product. I have used it myself several times since March 2020 and have not had any issues.

Centralised vs Decentralised Exchanges Exchange is a centralised exchange. This means the customer assets (fiat and cryptocurrency) are held by the company themselves (just like traditional banks). All processes are performed centrally, on computer systems that are managed by

Decentralised exchanges and finance applications (such as DeFi) are available — these are secure, permissionless, open systems where no single entity in in charge and your cryptocurrency can be kept in your personal wallet. Exchange Features

The Exchange has multiple features available, including:


The Exchange lets users trade cryptocurrencies, with the following benefits:

The Syndicate

The Syndicate is a discounted token offering platform on the Exchange.

It helps projects raise awareness and drive user education. The listing project can provide an allocation of their own token for distribution on the Exchange users with up to a 50% discount. All proceeds from the sale are passed back to the projects. CRO holders receive priority token allocation for these events.

The Syndicate is a feature where sell cryptocurrencies, often at 50% of their current value.

Full information on The Syndicate process is described in their FAQ.

To participate in these events, you need to:

  1. Stake at least 5,000 CRO in the Exchange account
  2. Trade the minimum volume required at your CRO staked level on the Exchange in the past 30 days
  3. Use CRO to subscribe at a 50% discount during the subscription period
  4. Not be a citizen and resident of the United States, China, or Hong Kong

Because The Syndicate events are always heavily oversubscribed, it is only worthwhile participating if you can stake a decent amount of CRO.

One thing I like about the Syndicates that that you can opt into one, then when it is active, you will be given personalised information on how much of the target Cryptocurrency you can purchase (as this varies based on the number of subscribers to each Syndicate). You can then choose to proceed or back out, there are no penalties if you back out. This means you can opt into Syndicates, review the offer to determine if it will be worthwhile, then proceed or backout as preferred.

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